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There are several opportunities to serve at HOPE Community Church Moorestown. Whether you want to SERVE IN (serving within HOPE Community Church) or SERVE OUT (serving, we encourage you to get involved, connect with others at HOPE, and discover the joy of serving.

Not sure what your gifts are?  We have a resource for that too!  Visit AssessMe and set up a FREE account.  Choose the module of your choice (Personality, Grace Gifts, Leadership Style, or Skills).  


Once you know where you feel called to serve, click on any of the options below and we'll be in touch with you as soon as possible. Find your place in helping HOPE reach and lead people in growing relationship in Jesus!

It takes volunteers to make Sunday happen. Are you willing to help? Our needs are as diverse as the people who attend our services. Find out how you can get involved and serve others in our church community.  Click on any of the following ministries to learn more...

Rescue Breakfast Mission through Feeding 5000

Be a part of one of our SERVE OUT teams feeding people experiencing homelessness.  We send teams on the fourth Sunday morning during September, November, January, March, May, and July.  To request to be on a team, email us at

Serve_In_In Arrows.png

As a church, we want to be known for our extraordinary generosity — both time and money — toward those in our local community.  


Partner with us as we seek to impact those in need in the name of Christ. 


Here are some current opportunities:

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