Guests & Special Access Needs Parking:

HOPE Parking Lot directly behind the church building is reserved for 1st and 2nd time attenders, those with special access needs, and parents with small children.  

Frequent Attenders and Members of HOPE:

  • REAR LOT of Wawa (only on Sunday mornings; approx. 8 spaces),

  • REAR LOT of York House East (214 West Main St., tan office building, only on Sunday mornings; approx. 40 spaces;),

  • Cornerstone Bank (Sundays - all day; approx. 10 spaces;),

  • E&B Co. (Sundays ONLY - all day; directly across from HOPE; please leave spots open along E&B building)

  • On-street parking: immediate streets behind HOPE (W. Second St, W. Third St., Union Street, etc.)

  • Municipal Lot located on W. Second St 1-1/2 blocks east of the church (behind the Rite Aid on West Main St; MANY spaces)

NOTE: Parking is NOT PERMITTED at CVS/Pharmacy, the front lot of Wawa, or Main Street directly in front of HOPE at any time.